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Safety Valve

Safety valve is safety device which automatically releases and controls the pressure, steam and material from a boiler, pressure vessel and other system used in chemical plant, technical process plant, water treatment plants, power plants and gas & oil refineries.

Control Valve

Control valves is an actuator operated safety valves that worked on direct and reverse acting terminology of steam and other industrial fluids. These control valves are manufactured to cater to a range of industrial control applications like steam, pressure, oil and gases.

Lift / Swing Type Check Valve

Lift/ Swing type check valves are backflow prevention industrial valves that allow substance to flow only in one direction. Check valve is two port valves that ideal for small bore applications due to it have large fluid resistant.
Gate Valve
Strainer Valve India
Gate Valve is a heavy duty, bi-directional multi purpose valve that is applicable in pipes were full on and full off flow control is needed. Its controls flow of fluid in pipes by controlling movement of gate. This valve is widely required in power plant, health and environmental, pharmaceutical and flue gas desulfurization industries.

Strainer Valve

Actuator valve has been an industry leader by offering customers with innovative and reliable strainer valves for remove debris in pipeline. Installation of strainer valve increases the life of main control valves by preventing ingress of unwanted foreign particles travel through the pipeline